The purpose of the IKT is to represent and protect the common interests of its members in the field of TV audience measurement (research volume of the audience of the TV channels (TV programs, TV shows)), in all media distribution channels (TV, television), including the process and (or) by improving the research system of the volume of the audience of the TV channels (TV programs, TV shows).


The IKT is organized in such a way as to take into account the interests of all segments of the television industry and its advertising contractors.


The role of Participants in IKT is to initiate necessary for the development of industry processes and warranting that they are correct, transparent enforcement for all participants of performance.


Priorities of IKT:

  • Validation of long-term zero Providence (usually 21 days)
  • The use of data from Telecom operators
  • Development of UI (and as a city of 100)
  • A common specification in the contract (KPI dashboards)
  • Измерение внедомашнего смотрения
  • Изучение сред потребления в городах (цифра/аналог, неэфирные среды)
  • Измерение смотрения в интернете (десктопы, планшеты, смартфоны)
  • Мониторинг в городах сплайсинга
  • Монетизация аудитории 45+ (с учетом рисков)
  • Привлекательность для рекламодателей ТВ контента во всех средах
  • Изменение структуры участников Ассоциации и создание новых функционалов
  • Формирование и деятельность Экспертного комитета ИКТ