In 2015, after taking a decision on cancellation of the TAM Tender, JIC has held meetings with its shareholders in order to discuss perspective areas of future work and competence.

As a result of above-mentioned consultations, three blocks were formed:

    Setting up a formalized, effective and transparent mechanism of industrial control of current TV measurements.
    Developing TAM system in accordance with industry requirements.
    Information and analytical support of the TAM project.

For discussions on a regular basis of the above mentioned tasks, JIC had established a professional Technical Committee (TC – hereinafter), consisting of the Association’s shareholders representatives.

The Technical Committee members are:

Ivan Kleymenov Director of Analysis & Research Department CTC Media
Elena Bogomazova Leading Analyst of TV audience Strategic Research Department First Channel
Xenia Zadorozhnaya Leading Analyst of TV audience Strategic Research Department
Yuliya Utesheva Programmer-analyst of TV audience Strategic Research Department
Andrey Kryuchkov Head of Sociological Service Gazprom-Media – NTV
Alexander Markevitch Head of Marketing & Mass Media Research Department Gazprom-Media – Sales-house
Ekaterina Efimenko Program Director Gazprom-Media – TNT
Darya Pugacheva Research Director GPM RTV (TNT, Pyatnitsa, 2Х2, TNT-4, TV-3)
Evgeniy Baldin Strategy & Research Director Media Instinct Group
Sergey Burygin Deputy General Director on programming REN TV
Sergey Salnikov Head of Sociological Service Rossiya 1
Polina Slobodchikova Head of Analysis Department
Denis Vinogradov Head of Planning & Management of Mass Media Resources Department Vi
Vladimir Kasparov Head of Media Analysis Department
Alexey Barantsev MediaLogics Managing Director Vivaki


Alexander Gubanov (Director of Research and Analysis department of the TV channel TV Centre – Moscow) takes part in TC’s meetings as a guest expert.

While providing industrial control, the Technical Committee has formed a list of TAM Key Performance Indicators (KPI), comprising all main stages of the TV Index project: Establishment Survey, Panel & Equipment work and monitoring.

As a result of this work approximately 30 characteristics were generated, and from September 2015 they were discussed with the specialists of the current TAM provider – TNS – on a monthly basis.

The participants from the side of TNS Russia in these meetings are:

  • Achkasova Ksenia – TV Research Director;
  • Levina Ekaterina – Deputy Head of TAM Technology Development Department;
  • Schipkov Vladimir – Research Director;
  • Schukina Ksenia – Head of TAM Technology Development Department.

Technical committee’s meetings also consider up-to-date matters related to the data and perspectives of further development of the TV Index project.


In 2016, JIC will continue to work on providing industrial control on the current TAM panel. JIC also plans to enhance its activity in the area of Research & Development in order to cover current industrial needs in TAM sphere.

The Media Academy will be providing regular status-reports on industrial topics and will be organizing meetings with guest experts and FAQ’s workshops.