Industry Committee on TV Audience Measurement


IKT has been designed to represent the interest of all industry participants: broadcasters, advertisers and advertising agencies.

In order to cope with this principle, IKT's work is organized on two levels.

Organizational structure of IKT

Organizational structure of IKT

The Technical Committee (TC) is the main working and collegial body. The Committee is formed by representatives of industry associations: ACAR, RusBrand, and NAT as well as IKT Founders: one representative from each organization. TC's work is organized by IKT's CEO.

Basic tasks of TC are:

  • To control the compliance of current TV audience measurement system with the approved specification;
  • Preparation of proposals for further development of the present measurement system.

In case of specific issues that need working on, the Technical Committee sets workgroups, open to participation for all interested parties. The number of workgroup members is not limited. Each workgroup works on issues of separate directions of TV measurement system (for example, Methodology, Software, etc.).

Solutions prepared by workgroups are to be presented to TC and then passed on to the Association Board for approval.