Industry Committee on TV Audience Measurement


The main task of IKT is the set up and subsequent development of a federal system of TV viewing electronic measurement.

TV Audience Measurement (hereinafter TAM) should be conducted among the urban population of the Russian Federation on the basis of the proportional representative sample of households. Furthermore, TAM system should foresee further geographic expansion both to the level of the rural population in order to increase the accuracy of the measurement across the regions.

IKT believes that TAM system will be of a hybrid nature in the near future. TV viewing data will be gathered across various platforms and devices. Therefore this TAM system project should also foresee the possibility of integrating additional options of viewership measurement of professional video content, comparable to the basic measurement.

Further development of the TAM system will be carried out according to the needs and demands of the industry and on the basis of the industry consensus, also with the use of the most advanced technologies.