Industry Committee on TV Audience Measurement

General Principles
of IKT Activity

IKT was founded in order to set up an effective and transparent mechanism of industrial control over the measurement of TV audience and its further development according to the industry's needs.

The role of the IKT founders is to initiate a process essential for industry development and guarantee its correct execution and transparency to all players.

The Structure of IKT was set up in a way as to take into consideration the interests of all sectors in the TV and advertising industry as well as relevant third parties.

There is a two level hierarchy for IKT’s work. Technical Committee is the main working collegial body. It is open to participation by all parties within workgroups, which are formed according to certain topics. Workgroups come up with solutions, which, in turn, are presented to Technical Committee. Decisions of Technical Committee are subject to approval by the collegial body of IKT management – the Association Board. The board is formed of the partnership association-members.